WalMart Jobs Are Expanding at a Nuclear Rate

With the economy in a tailspin, one wonders where to find steady and secure employment. The answer can be as easy as at one of the major retailers that are still expanding.

This year, WalMart, the king of retailing, is going to expand by 22,000 jobs!

In a bad economic climate, with people losing jobs and homes, this massive company has found a way to offer new jobs to over 20,000 people. They must be doing something right in this turbulent economy if they are helping that many people find a new job.

Granted, you will not get rich from a job at WalMart but working at a major retailer beats the breadline by miles and can be a good career move for a lot of people. There are many people that have been with them for a years and years. A safe and secure job, decent pay, employee discounts and good benefits all come into play when you are an employee at WalMart.

In fact, over 90% of the people working there have health insurance. Those that are tied into the company health insurance benefit package can be paying as low as 5.00 on a monthly basis… I don’t think you see that everywhere.

Have a generic prescription and you’re an employee at WalMart? If it’s one of the 2400 generics that is covered, it’s only 4.00 for you.

Take the benefit package, the fact that they offer low prices to all that shop there and it’s easy to see why Walmart jobs are expanding at a nuclear rate.